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Jenna Cuoco, LMHC

I am a counselor who will provide a comfortable, respectable and safe environment to support you through your journey of life. In doing so, you will strengthen your inner character and learn new ways of managing moments of change, distress, depression, anxiety, fear, negativity, traumatic experiences, etc. While working together, you will gain self-awareness and be able to establish an array of positive and uplifting messages, ways of thinking, and experiences. In addition, work towards breaking old habits or ways of thinking that will no longer serve you as you move towards a new and brighter future. Sometimes we all need guidance navigating life’s uncharted waters.  You will also be able to do the work and continue to see growth/change on your own, outside of the office, based upon the tools and support provided to you. While working together you will be empowered to achieve the changes you set in motion. A new way of thinking and feeling is closer and more attainable than you may realize! 

My age speciality is Children, Preteens/Tweens, Adolescents/Teenagers, Adults and Elders.

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