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 Lindsay Vitale, PsyD

One of the most difficult steps of embarking on the therapeutic journey is making the initial call to seek services. I recognize that at any age it can be considerably difficult to open up to a complete stranger. To be invited into one’s most private world is a tremendous privilege, one which should never be underestimated. Strong relationships, while not a remedy for pain, provide more space to effectively address and work through discomfort. As a therapist, I focus much of my attention on creating and maintaining safe relationships with my clients. I have found that clients are better equipped to explore and tolerate the pain of their experiences when provided with a containing relationship in the presence of a supportive environment.

I work to instill hope and resiliency in clients throughout the difficult journey of self-exploration. Within each individual lies undiscovered strength. I work in collaboration with clients to uncover their strengths and to be empowered by them. This discovery only aims to enhance one’s quality of life. My approach to treatment is one of warmth, compassion, and collaboration; it is devoid of judgement.

I believe that early life experiences shape the way in which individuals view themselves, their relationships, and their world. Throughout the treatment process, I work to assist my clients in making sense of their past experiences as they relate to current stressors. When I see a patient begin to break free from some of the limitations imposed on them by their own past and begin the process of healing, it is genuinely the most rewarding part of therapy.  

I specialize in the treatment of adolescents, complex trauma, and eating disorders. I enjoy working with individuals across the lifespan. 

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