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Welcome !

Welcome Friends to New Wave Counseling!

Here is our recipe for

better Mental Health.

Please use this check list as a reference to see

if you are ONTRACK with keeping your life joyful.

Share these ingredients with others as it is meant to feed many.


Be kind to yourself and others

Embrace your imperfections

Live in the moment


Laugh often


Go outside

Play in the dirt

Plant something and watch it grow

Be joyful

Surround yourself with friends

Enjoy " ME" time

Slow down

Take a walk

Take a shower with sea salt scrub

Drink tea

Eat healthy snacks

Listen to music


Clean out a closet

Throw stuff out

Give stuff away

Forgive yourself.

Forgive someone else

Let go

Say NO more

Say YES more

Drink water

Bless your food

Bless yourself and your family

Fill your heart with gratitude

Move your body more



Create something

Have fun

Take a step forward

Appreciate the little things

See the sunrise

Watch the sunset

Wish upon a star

Learn your lessons of the day

Sleep late

Wake up early

Tell the truth

Trust a friend

Trust yourself

Do something different today

Know you are enough

Know you belong

Know you are loved

Namaste xo

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